Sanger Avenue Aesthetics
DOCPAY Packages

Select any level listed below and receive any one service, once a month. Sign up for these special offers and have the cost deducted from your bank account each moth. All DOCPAY customers receive 10% off makeup and skin care products.

Level 2     $99/mo
     (select one per month)

  • 30 minute Facial/Microdermabrasion/Chemical Peel

  • Laser Hair Reduction-Brazilian/inner thighs

  • Laser Hair Reduction-Whole face and Neck

  • Vella Smooth Cellulite treatment (legs, hips, buttocks)

  • Laser Spider Vein Reduction-Lower Legs

  • Laser Acne Treatment-Face/Neck

  • Pelleve RF Collagen Treatment-Eyes or Lower Face (mouth area) or Neck

  • Tattoo Laser Reduction-One medium area

  • Dermaplane w/ 30 minute Moisturizing Facial

Level 1     $59/mo
  (select one per month)

  • Deep Pore Cleansing Therapeutic 60 min Facial & Brow Wax

  • Deep Pore Cleansing Therapeutic 30 min Facial w/ Light Chemical Peel

  • Laser Hair Reduction-Underarms

  • Laser Hair Reduction-Upper Lip, Chin/Neck

  • Laser Hair Reduction-Basic Bikini (triangle)

  • Chemical Peel & LED Therapy

  • Tattoo Laser Reduction - one small area

  • Lash Extensions- One Full Set and one two week fill




Level 4     $199/mo
   (select one per month)

  • Vella Smooth Cellulite treatment (legs, hips, buttocks) and 60 min facial

  • IPL Treatment-Full Face/Neck & Decollete

  • Pelleve RF Collagen Treatment-Full Face

  • Tattoo Laser Reduction-One large area and one small/medium area

Level 3     $149/mo
   (select one per month)

  • IPL Treatment-Full Face

  • Vela Smooth Cellulite Treatment-Legs, Hips, Buttocks and Laser Hair Reduction-Face

  • Laser Hair Reduction-Lower Legs (knee down), includes feet and toes

  • Laser Spider Vein Reduction-Full Legs

  • Pelleve RF Collagen Treatment-Eyes and Lower face or Lower face/Neck

  • Tattoo Laser Re3duction-One Large area

    *Service options are subject to change. Monthly fee to be automatically debited from your account each month.